Issue 3 – June 2009

László Bokor


Zoltán Ambrus: Objectives and process of Adlerian psychotherapy
Theoretical study
Katalin Horváth-Szabó, János Harmatta, Teodóra Tomcsányi: Theistic and humanistic spirituality
Questions of practice
Ágnes Györffy: Returning home in body and mind notes to the edge of being a soldier
Judit Futó: The significance of childhood memories and the process of their transformation in psychotherapy


Interview – What is planed by the National Centre of Psychiatry? Gábor Szőnyi ‘s interview with Attila Németh managing director
News and reports
ConferencesLászló Bokor, Lili Valkó, Zoltán Tóth, Ferenc Túry
About this journalLili Valkó, Tom Ormay
Book reviewsBéla Birkás, Antal Benkő, András Kautnik, Georgina Mucsi
Lists of professional books – Animula, Lélekben Otthon, Ursus Libris

Professional programs

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