Éva Urbán, Zoltán Kelényi: Emerging problems of statistical grouping and occupational codes in psychological practices and in healthcare occupational code registers

Due to inappropriate registration, there is no idea about the exact figure, however, a significant number of psychologists work as private entrepreneurs or as members of companies.

The new NACE Rev.2. and the underlying Occupational Code Register, contrary to previous practice, creates a new situation as it clearly sets psychological services among healthcare activities.

The discrepancy is that healthcare practices are linked to graduations in the healthcare sector, which, among all the branches of applied psychology, is possessed only by clinical psychologists. Consequently, only they are entitled to offer independent healthcare services provided they possess a valid licence to practice and the required permissions from healthcare authorities, as well.

The NACE Rev.2. grouping is never the less crucial as it forms the basis for handing out new entrepreneurial certificates or extending fields of activities.

The article presents analyses on the discrepancies of regulations and their possible consequences.

In a nutshell the article refers to the legal conditions of healthcare practises. Recites those qualifications, attainable with diploma in psychology, among which only one is entitled to practice healthcare activities and it also mentions those with which are not licensed.

Key words: sectorial grouping — conditions for healthcare practices — law harmonisation — the healthcare profession

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