László Tringer: The relationship between psychotherapy and philosophy from a cognitive view point

The author analyses the relationship of the two fields of science from a historical point of view, emphasising the development of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapies.

Firstly he emphasises that the development of psychotherapeutic thinking forms an integral part of the history of ideas in general. He analyses the significance of the process of deconstruction in the development of psychiatry and psychotherapy and points out the opposing processes (constructivism). The development of the cognitive-behavioural schools is discussed in more detail. He draws a parallel between the development of psychotherapeutic views and the change in our way of thinking, illustrating with examples.

Secondly he points out that the psychotherapeutic practice and the increase of methods raise constantly philosophical questions. He discusses the significance of logotherapy of Viktor E. Frankl and the recent trends in the cognitive psychotherapy stressing their philosophical significance. As an example, he makes reference to the recent emphasis on religions and spirituality in the theory and practice of psychotherapy.

Lastly he outlines the development and the present state of a new profession, the philosophical counselling along the lines of the International Association of Philosophical Practice. .

Key-words: Theory of psychotherapy — philosophical psychology — spirituality — philosophical counselling

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