Jenő Raffai: The deep dimension of pregnancy in the reflection of bonding analysis

The mother-baby bonding analysis already has a history of ten years. This is a method for prevention of later psychosis. We have discovered the prenatal root of psychosis. The most important aspect is the disturbed bonding between the mother and her baby: the body boundaries have not differentiated. During the development of bonding analysis we have discovered some other basic psychic processes, which may influence the psychobiological development of babies.

The prenatal life is a space- time where generations meet, to make a decision about the life of the  unborn child. The bonding analysis does research on the prenatal space- time and enters in the deep unconscious world of the parental representatives of several generations  in order to create a mental space between the baby and the mother to correct the repetition of destructive bonding patterns. Some outcomes from the prenatal mother-baby bonding analysis: there is no premature birth, we are able to control the whole psychosomatic state of pregnancy. The babies born from bonding analysis have a different, much higher level of emotional and mental development.  Personality development of the pregnant mothers is also enhanced.

Key words: prevention of psychosis — bonding analysis — intrauterine mother representative — multigenerational intrauterine space

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