Károly Oriold: Sophie Call, the body and psychoanalysis

Exploring the frontier zones of psychoanalysis is an exciting task. In present days the relationship between psychoanalysis and neurological science, somatic medicine, the evidences has become the center of attention, but the relationship with the arts is played down. Even our days impress the art and psychoanalysis each other. Sophie Calle is an outstanding representative of the studies of these interactions. The artist asks questions which are important issues and in the focus of interest in psychoanalysis too, such as: following somebody, being witness, the mirroring process, the relationship between unique and the common things. The artist exhibited her works in the Freud Museum London. Her works reflect not only Freud’s ideas, but indirectly also deal with thoughts of Lacan, Faulkes and Bion. I have got inspiration from her art to my dance and movement therapheutic work.

Key-words: narrative – follow-up – shadowing – matrix – László Földényi F.

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