József Pál Vas, Noémi Császár: Introduction of transnatal hypnotherapy: 1. The method

Transnatal hypnotherapy, developed in recent past by the authors, is to heal psychological and somatic diseases, caused by prenatal traumas, by experiencing the archetype of birth and the early mother-child relationship. In the therapeutic setting the two participants can experience hypnosis, the total union with one another, based on actual physical contacts and therapeutic suggestions. The physical contact is also utilized for the sake of therapeutic effect. There are different methods of transnatal hypnosis: mother-child mutual rebirthing trance, mutual trance of real or virtual twins, twin-hypnosis, virtual communication between generations in hypnosis. The theoretical and methodological antecedents of the transnatal hypnosis are the individual and group hypnosis, psychodrama, family therapy, the pre- and perinatal psychology and medicine. The method differs from the individual hypnotherapy by the special rapport and the induction which are, in case of transnatal hypnotherapy, to support the development of the participants’ union. During the trance the participants are mutually able to relive experiences from each others’ past, what can help to resolve pathological emotions attached to traumatic events. The participants’ and the therapist’s unconscious’s create a super-system, taking the lead over the system, can be defined by the archetypal contents and the outcome (e.g. death or life).

Keywords: transnatal hypnotherapy – twin-hypnosis – virtual intergenerational communication in hypnosis – features of TNH

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