Márta Merényi: The birth of instructions in movement and dance therapy

In movement and dance therapies the dance therapists initiate and control the movement process with verbal instructions. Instructions are important therapeutic intervention tools. The literature of dance/movement therapy lacks studies of the instructions and the instructional procedure. The author analyses instructions in the context of psychodynamic movement and dance therapy. The therapists constantly adapt their instructions to the current and longitudinal dynamic state of the group, creating their therapeutic intervention in this way. The author first analyses the importance of body-mind work, body-mind state in the creation of the therapist’s body sensibility. How does the instruction shape and change inside the dance therapist, who works within the moving group and inside the other one, who doesn’t move together with them? How does the therapist create the instructions from his/her bodily states?  What kind of dynamic effects reflect in the instructions? What is the difference between spontaneous and reflected instructions? The author exposes the creation of instructions by analysing a segment of a movement group’s process.

Key words: body-mind work — body-mind state — instruction body-mind — instruction reflected

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