József Pál Vas, Noémi Császár: Presentation of transnatal hypnosis (TNH). 2. Theoretical background

In the first part of our article some methods of transnatal hypnotherapy with case studies were discussed. In this part we aim to present the theories transnatal hypnosis is based on. We supposed, that pre- and perinatal traumas ruin the communication of ontological love and send messages to the foetus with destructive authority. Destructive authority means unconscious command attending later as psychosomatic or psychological diseases. Archetypes of birth can be ritually relived using the methods of TNH. As well as representation of the real past can be presented in the ritual past with means of archetypes and symbols; meaning of the traumatic past can also be changed. Trance with two or more participants create a collective ritual experience, the oneness–experience and the oneness-consciousness, therefore it has influence on both inter- and intrapersonal areas. In the intrapersonal dimension the body–psyche equilibrium is being restored, and the basic biopsychological needs are transcended. During the mutual trance compassion, love, and spirituality can be experienced.

Keywords: transnatal hypnotherapy (TNH) – communication of ontological love destructive authority archaic birth rituals oneness experience oneness consciousness

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