Annamária Zseni: The possibilities of working with dreams in the hypnotherapy process

The methodological introduction of a new dream technique

The possibilities of using hypnotic dreams and night-time dreams in hypnosis are introduced. Responses for suggestions can also be triggered post-hypnotically; dreams induced that way actuate the problem-solving skills of the client, their use points towards a way out, in the curing process.   The literature of working with night-time dreams is about the treatment of nightmares; changing the outcome of a dream during re-dreaming or the understanding of the dream leads to  improvement of symptoms. During my therapy experiences I developed the “dream room” method, which is a tool for working with night-time dreams in hypnosis. I introduce the method in detail and demonstrate the different forms of hypnotic responses to the calling of dreams, as well as the many forms of the therapist’s interventions. With the help of two case studies I demonstrate how the method can be used in the hypnotherapy process to help diagnostic work. I also describe the stage of a long therapy process of a drug addict in which I worked with night-time dreams in hypnosis in order to help with ego-building.

Key words:

Hypnotic dreams – hypnotic diagnosis of night-time dreams – „dream room” ­ diagnostic hypnotherapy – processing ­traumas

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