Ferenc Süle: The psychiatrist meets the versatility of spirituality

Experiences and consequences

While the majority of the population admits to being religious, psychology of religion is not taught on courses of psychiatry and psychology. On the other hand psychopathology and psychotherapy is not taught on courses of theology, even though priests would benefit from it. Consequently a significant cross section of the population lack the necessary psychic care, as those who would give it to them are not trained to do so. In this study I examine the rarely followed problems that arise from the mixture of spiritual life and psychopathology.  Follow the Jungian and transpersonal approach to my personal experiences and related thoughts. From the beginning one of the problems to be solved has been the issue of spirituality in our psychopathological work, to find the necessary conceptual framework to do the job. These bridges had to be versatile enough to facilitate therapeutic communication with the great variety of spiritual groups. The roots of the definitions have been found in people’s desire to develop and communal needs.

Key words: spirituality – transpersonal – Jungian psychology – divorce pathology – collective unconscious – community feeling

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